Blah blah blah stuff about me, I'm cool, just trust me on that one...I mean just look at my sunglasses. My name is Aubrey Mayne and my advice is of the utmost caliber, my experience is at high levels of medium, and my attitude towards travel is about 75% learning about the world, 25% meeting people with cute accents. Watch/Share my videos, follow me on instagram, or twitter, or wash my car or something, idk?! 

Travel is empowering, enlightening, and everyone should do it. Not my opinion, that's just the folks, check it out. My take on all this is, if I can help make someone's travel experience better or just inspire them to get out there I'm happy. Money would also be nice. (cough cough) Travel has made me a stronger, more independent, braver, spontaneous, kind, understanding, proactive, and funner person. And yes I said funner, cause who the heck cares if it's not a "word." People that care about "funner" not being a word are douchebags and obviously haven't traveled enough and order terrible things like chicken breast or vanilla ice cream off the menu at restaurants. And all words were made up at some point or another so do whatever you want. Your life is yours to say the words you think up that sound like what you're thinking. That sounded kind of Dr. Seussy...I'm cool with that. 


Currently residing in Silverlake, Los Angeles, California. My hobbies here include planning my next travel trip, making comedy things, dancing my face off with my friends at dive bars, paying too much for avocado toasts, beach trips, art shows, trolling people on tinder, and trying to keep my house plants alive...mostly unsuccessful though.