One of the most valuable things I have learned from travel is that you should be a proactive participant in your life and immediate surroundings. ...well that and be prepared to have a wide and unfavorable variety of ways to go to the bathroom when traveling the world. I think the best way to live when in the off season from travel, because you gotta make some money and let your parents know you're still alive, is to be a tourist in your own city. Actively exploring it, and living like you would if you were on a trip, waking up, eager to see new things, meet new people, and explore what the city you're in has to offer. And what do you know, here's some posts where I did that! Waaaaat?!


DTLA - Millennium Biltmore Hotel Bar

Grab a late night drink here and you will most likely spend the night plotting to make a movie or starting a black market beanie selling business with your friend...oh wait maybe that was just my experience. 

Koreatown - Dan Sung Sa

A hole in the wall that makes you feel like you've traveled out of LA and into the deep underbelly of weird Korean meat markets. You must at least try one thing that scares you on the menu. It's necessary. We ate a frog.

NoHo - Jolly Foot Massage

A 1 hour long full body massage for $25, and a jolly old Chinese man who remembers you after a 4 year absence from patronizing their business. Color me one loyal customer moving forward. Tip well, remember, it's $25!

Glendale - Zone Club Laser Tag

The funnest, most panic inducing, cardio fun you'll have with your friends. Run around the two floor jungle themed laser tag space screaming as much as your lil heart desires and get a surprisingly good work out. Go late on a weekday night to avoid the kiddies.


Echo Park - 1642 Bar

The perfect example of a hole in the wall. I discovered this place while on a walk to Echo Park Lake. My eyes, which are usually drawn to all things sparkly, spotted a glint of twinkly lights through a small crack in the door and a quaint little beer & wine bar with amazing old timey jazz and blues music appeared.


Koreatown - WiSpa

The perfect cure for even the most hungover'd body. 4 floors of hot tubs, salt rooms, rooftop lounges, a restaurant, saunas, and naked saggy boob'd people sitting right next to you in hot tubs. Get rid of your lizard skin with a body's so necessary.


Echo Park - The Semi-Tropic

One of my favorite spots in town! Come here in the AM to write your breakout screen play or eaves-drop on hipsters talking about their recent crystal horoscope energy readings. After 5PM the cafe atmosphere turns into a chill but vibrant bar. Just beer/wine/champagne though. Faves: Burrata Toast/Churro Waffle/Pop Rocks champagne. Also have your Shazam ready cause the tunes are bitchin.

China Town - Ramen Champ

Tucked away in a lil strip mall in China town is a tiny little ramen bar owned by the guy who did Egg Slut. The ramen is solid, its pretty intimate so you can pester the chefs with questions like, "What is this? How am I suppose to eat it? etc as much as you like, or just slurp your Tonkotsu noodles up like a sloppy mess...but don't worry, apparently its how your suppose to do it... I'm told. 



Culver City - The Coop

The best pizza I've had in LA. I use to live across the street from this place. It was wonderful but a good thing we moved because I would have ballooned rapidly from shoveling their pizzas into my face. NY style pies, made in a TINY space, and the owner gives you a cute pet name when you come in. Pumpkin/Sweets/ Sugar/Honey she's got them all. Also Colin Farrel was spotted here, so if that's not enough reason to go there I don't know how to help you. Pizza + Colin Farrel people! COME ON!