A great site for finding the cheapest flights. You can easily view multiple airlines and move the date around quickly to see what day is cheapest to fly out on and if there is another airport nearby. Sometimes you do need to click all the way through to the booking website to see if the price changes, but for the most part its coo. Do your research on the airline too... cough cough Spirit airlines.


Find some of the best places to stay all over the world with some of the best people you'll ever meet in them. Hostels are an awesome community worldwide and a great way to save money on your stay. Always read the reviews and try not to dip below a 7.5 rating. Mixed rooms are a great way to meet other travelers, but bring some ear plugs incase you get a snorer. 


These lil cheat sheets are a great thing to get all the basic info you need before a trip. Obviously not a complete guide but a good glance through to make sure you are prepared. It's like that verbal check list your mom gives you right before you leave for the airport even though you said you had everything..."You have sock? Underwear? Phone Charger?" Because really that's all moms care about is that you aren't a stinky creep and that you call them to tell them that you're not dead.


A great app/site for learning new languages and for everyone's favorite price: Free! Play word games, learn vocabulary, slur some pronunciation sneakily if your roommate is home and walks in and makes you feel self conscious for attempting a French accent out loud. 


I accidentally met some of my best friends via a couch surfing connection so I am a big fan of this site. You can host people from all over the world, then when you go out into the world, stay on their couch. It's a great way to get connected with locals, make new friends, and travel on the cheap (free), or have the world come to you. Just be specific about who you stay with/who you let stay with you. Lots of great people out there, but you know, always the occasional creep. Go with people who have lots of reviews and pictures of them also traveling... not just weird web cam selfies of them sitting alone in their basement because they are weird.


One way to help support travel expenses is to sublet out your place while you're gone. Airbnb makes is easy to find guests and is easy to manage while your gone. Also a great place to find a dope spot to stay that is off the beaten path, and locals to show you around. Also, it can be cheaper than a hotel sometimes...gosh isn't saving money the beeeest?!


This is a mailing list that you can sign up for. The guy scans the web for flight sales which are usually short term, so you have to be ready to purchase that day/week. I've seen round trip flights to Europe for around $400 and all over the world so keep an eye out for his emails and start tucking money away now.